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Let our experts take care of the details

At Holywood Dental Care, our qualified team is trained to handle emergency situations. From providing quick relief to giving you long term solutions, our team will handle your situation efficiently, professionally and with the utmost dental care.

•   Knocked out tooth or teeth

•   Jaw or gum injuries

•   Bitten tongue or lip

•   Quick, efficient and cost-effective emergency dental care

Whether you need emergency dental services or general oral care, we can cover you. We also handle all the aspects of cosmetic dentistry. To keep your teeth in top shape, call us today.

Regular dental examinations can keep your teeth healthy in the long run. Call

Emergency dental services are a call away

Are you suffering from dental pain? Are you unsure of why you are experiencing a dental issue? We can help. At Holywood Dental Care, we are committed to assist you with emergency dental care.

Here for you when you need us the most

We know how troublesome a toothache or a broken tooth can be. That's why our emergency dental services are available at very short notice. If you are troubled by any kind of dental problem, contact our dental team at Holywood Dental Care.

Get efficient, professional dental care

Oral care services tailored to your needs

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